UCSF Mount Zion Bulk Oxygen Storage Tank


Polytech Associates, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer:

Mazzetti and Associates

Electrical Engineer:

Mazzetti and Associates

Structural Engineer of Record:

Estructure, Inc.


BNB Builders

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The project replaced the existing bulk oxygen supply system with a 3000-gallon bulk storage tank, 500-gallon reserve tank and related support equipment. Estructure served as Design Professional of Record and designed a pile-supported mat foundation, concrete screen walls and all equipment seismic anchorage.

The proposed location for the new bulk oxygen system yard was located near the site of a demolished building, which contained a basement. When demolished, the basement was infilled with non-engineered fill and the site was overlain by asphalt. Borings taken near the location of the proposed bulk oxygen supply system yard indicated that the area was underlain by up to 15 feet of loose sand with some intermixed brick and concrete debris.

In order to protect the tanks and supported equipment from differential settlement, Estructure designed a structural mat supported by 9 inch diameter micropiles extending 25 feet below grade. Estructure’s services included analyses to obtain OSHPD Special Seismic Certification for all bulk oxygen equipment.