Alix Kottke Promoted to Associate Engineer

Alix Kottke Promoted to Associate Engineer

July 18, 2019

When Maryann Phipps started Estructure, she knew that she wanted to mentor emerging engineers and sought out talent from the Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials Program at UC Berkeley. This led her to Alix Kottke (Broadfoot at that time), who was completing a Master of Science degree at Cal. In July 2010, Alix became Estructure’s first employee.

Alix initially worked closely with Maryann out of a home office and was vital to the early success of Estructure and its growth. Soon they moved into the current office in Oakland as the company grew. Alix continued to learn and grow as a structural engineer by taking on a variety of projects and becoming an expert in healthcare renovations and infrastructure improvement projects.

After 6 years working for Estructure, Alix spent 2 years working as a Senior Project Engineer for a large Bay Area general contractor. Working for a construction company further deepened Alix’s attention to detail, focus on constructability, and provided valuable hands-on field experience.

Alix returned to Estructure in February of 2018, became a licensed Structural Engineer and was promoted to the position of Associate. Maryann said of Alix, “It is a joy to work with Alix, who is both an outstanding engineer and an incredibly effective team player. She makes every project better. Alix is expert in coordinating complex projects across multiple disciplines. She is pivotal to Estructure’s success and I am delighted that she is our newest Associate.”

During Alix’s tenure at Estructure she has grown professionally and in all other aspects of her life. Alix and her husband Albert welcomed their baby girl, Daphne, to the Estructure family in January!