Jerald Finds Estructure (and vice versa)

Jerald Finds Estructure (and vice versa)

November 2, 2022

How does a small firm find big talent? Attracting top graduates from premier engineering programs can be a long and arduous task. At Estructure, it’s personal. We’re pleased to introduce Jerald Castillo, Estructure’s newest employee.

Jerald grew up in Murrieta, a small town between LA and San Diego. His family moved to Washington state where he spent his high school years in a school with a general engineering curriculum. Class projects, such as building a popsicle stick bridge and an underwater remote operated vehicle, exposed him to problem solving. When it came time to apply to colleges, he chose to return to California and enrolled in the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

In San Luis Obispo, Jerald found that he loved living in California again. He enjoyed spending his free time with the Filipino Cultural Club and swimming at the beach. As his undergraduate program progressed, he deepened his interest in structural engineering, and elected to stay at SLO through receipt of his Master of Engineering degree.

It was at SLO’s annual Structural Forum that Jerald met Maryann, Tom, and Sol. After being inspired by Maryann’s Keynote speech, discussing the transition from school to work life with Sol, and sparring with Tom over what exactly is the best La Croix flavor, Jerald became enthusiastic about the opportunities at Estructure. And Estructure became excited about having Jerald join the team. Jerald moved to Oakland and began his professional career in July 2022.

Jerald has continued to “learn by doing” at Estructure. Since Jerald’s arrival, he has been gaining exposure to multiple types of projects and is quickly learning the ropes. He hopes to continue growing as an engineer and as a person in his new position. We are delighted to have Jerald as part of the Estructure team.