Facing Vulnerabilities

Facing Vulnerabilities

November 24, 2020

Just as an earthquake reveals the most vulnerable building stock, a pandemic exposes the weaknesses in our social fabric. While the coronavirus is a shock to our collective system, its social and economic impacts are disproportionately felt by low income and communities of color, exacerbating preexisting vulnerabilities and inequalities in our community.

Estructure is used to helping clients plan for inevitable natural disasters. But we have not consistently focused our attention on helping our neighbors achieve resilience in the face of disaster.

The ability to continue to work is not something we take for granted. It is random good fortune that has enabled us to work, and a privilege to remain safe and support our families. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that we have not done enough, and we want to respond to this acute new challenge because we can.

This Thanksgiving, Estructure is sending a financial donation to two outstanding local nonprofits serving families most impacted by the pandemic.

Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) normally serves one in five people in our county. During the pandemic, it has become a lifeline for many more. Since last March, ACCFB has expanded well beyond its normal circle of giving, partnering with 11 school districts and opening 28 new food distribution sites. A donation to ACCFB is used to buy food in bulk at wholesale prices and directly from farmers. For every one dollar donated, seven dollars’ worth of food is purchased for the community.

Oakland Public Education Fund (OPEF) is working tirelessly to bridge the technological divide and support students and educators. As a result of the pandemic, unequal access to education has become an even greater problem in the Bay Area. Distance learning requires access to the internet and technology that an estimated 1.5 million local residents don’t have. OPEF is partnering with the #OaklandUndivided campaign to provide computers, internet access and related training to families in the Oakland United School District. Since 2003, OPEF has provided financial resources, volunteers and impactful student programs to make quality education accessible to all in our community.

It is with a sense of deep gratitude that we direct our resources to those who are most in need.