Maryann Joins the National Academy of Engineering – A Message from her Biggest Fans

Maryann Joins the National Academy of Engineering – A Message from her Biggest Fans

April 14, 2022

How does an accomplished, universally beloved Structural Engineer with a resume full of honors and distinctions commemorate 40 years of work? Some might buy a luxury car or splurge on a European vacation. But if you’re Maryann Phipps, your own celebration may take a backseat to solving a contractor’s latest emergency, chairing a Seismic Review Committee meeting, or helping a young engineer kick off a project. In short, you will carry on the same way you do every other day – solving problems and uplifting everyone around you.

In November, Maryann celebrated her 40th work anniversary with little outward fanfare. But then the world came knocking. This time, it was the National Academy of Engineering recognizing Maryann’s illustrious career with an invitation to join the world’s most accomplished engineers.

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) is part of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The NAE operates under the same congressional act of incorporation that established the National Academy of Sciences, signed in 1863 by President Lincoln. The mission of the National Academy of Engineering is to advance the welfare and prosperity of the nation by providing independent advice on matters involving engineering and technology, and by promoting a vibrant engineering profession and public appreciation of engineering.

Election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Academy membership honors those who have made outstanding contributions to engineering research, practice, or education. Election of new NAE members is the culmination of a yearlong process.

Maryann is being recognized by the NAE for her leadership in structural engineering and contributions to assessment, mitigation, and design of building components for seismic effects. As a member of the newly elected class, Maryann will be formally inducted during the NAE’s annual meeting on October 2, 2022 and will join the ranks of Steve Jobs and Neil Armstrong.

If you need her that day, she might be a little busy, but she will be ready to roll up her sleeves and get back to work the next day.

All of us at Estructure are in awe of Maryann’s accomplishments and we are thrilled that she is being recognized for the amazing engineer that she is.