El Camino Hospital, Women’s Hospital Expansion


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Estructure is working with El Camino Hospital on a complete renovation of the Women’s Hospital building, located on the El Camino Hospital Mountain View Campus.  This 3-story, 91,000 square-foot building currently houses the first floor Women’s Hospital, with medical offices on the second and third floors.  In mid-2018, the medical offices will be relocated and the entire building will be renovated to become a state-of-the art expanded Women’s Hospital.  Construction is scheduled to commence in December of 2018.  The result will be a modern inpatient Women’s Hospital that includes:
• 32 NICU beds
• 16-19 LDR and Antepartum /LDR/P rooms
• 2 Birthing Rooms
• 3 C-Section rooms
• 5 Recovery Beds
• 7 Triage/OB ED/AP testing/Pre-op rooms
Total construction budget for this project is approximately $80 million.