UC Davis Medical Center California Tower Peer Review

Structural Engineer of Record:

Degenkolb Engineers





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Estructure is providing peer review services to support UC Davis Health (UCDH) with planning, designing and implementing a $3.75 billion hospital project. When completed in 2030, California Tower will include a 14-story hospital facility and 5-story pavilion adjacent to the existing medical center. The California Tower will add approximately one million square feet of space and include 400 private rooms for patients, new operating rooms, an imaging center, new facilities for existing pharmacy and burn care units and a new rooftop helipad.

The project is being delivered using the progressive design build delivery method. Maryann Phipps is working directly and collaboratively with UC Davis Health, the Structural Engineer of Record, Architect, Contactor, and several key integrated design-build partners. Peer review services are being tailored to meet project needs and schedules. Reviews flow with the natural design process and are aligned with project milestones and submittals.

The intended purpose of the peer review is to provide UCDH with structural engineering oversight to help guide the design toward achieving structural and nonstructural project goals. It is helping to provide UCDH confidence that its related resources are allocated appropriately.