UCSF Moffitt Hospital Chiller


The Design Partnership

Mechanical Engineer:


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Cammisa and Wipf


City Building, Inc.

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This $5.7 million project included the replacement of old, inefficient 385-ton steam-driven absorption chillers with a much larger 600-ton electric centrifugal chiller and upgrade of the chilled water distribution system to both Moffitt and Long hospitals. The multi-phase installation required close coordination and planning to mitigate the impact of shutdowns, maintain uninterrupted services, and to physically fit the new piping and equipment in the available space. BIM modeling was effectively used to plan and coordinate the design prior to construction. The new system saves more than 65m kBtu of energy per year and the project earned a $757,000 energy efficiency award from PG&E, as well as a 2013 Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Award in the HVAC Retrofit category.