Tim’s Tips for Onboarding in a Pandemic

Tim’s Tips for Onboarding in a Pandemic

April 1, 2021

Do you find yourself about to start a new job in a new state during the midst of an unprecedented public-health crisis? Tim has some tips for navigating safely.


Be Resourceful

Pandemics can make otherwise normal activities dangerous, so a certain degree of resourcefulness is needed to prevent logistical problems. Airports and airplanes pack people closely together, so try driving instead – even if it means driving cross-country. Well-ventilated spaces are far safer than sealed ones, so opt to sleep overnight at campsites rather than hotels. Dining options are limited, so backpacking food and Taco Bell drive-thru are your new best friends.



Be Flexible

During a pandemic, things are not always operating as usual, so be prepared for atypical situations. You might have to work on the kitchen table of your Airbnb for two weeks. You might not see your employer until you are on a site visit with them in your third week. Barber shops closed? Let a coworker cut your hair! It is important to adapt to whatever circumstances you find yourself in and to be ready to go with the flow.



Be Grateful

Pandemics bring with them a devastating human and economic toll. Prospects are very bleak for many people out there. However, if you are lucky enough to have an opportunity, be sure to make the most of it.



Have Fun

Starting this new job is not going to be like your previous new jobs, but that’s OK. Meeting new people will be tough, good luck with exploring local restaurants, and Zoom meetings are the new normal. All that said, it is still an opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and learn new things. It will be an incredible experience in its own right – enjoy it!


Tim Josephs recently joined the Estructure team, after receiving his Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the University at Buffalo in New York. He is an avid back packer and elite runner. He was a summer intern at Estructure in 2020, so you may have already had the chance to ‘meet’ him remotely. Everyone at Estructure is thrilled to have Tim on our team. Please welcome Tim to your Zoom screen, jobsite and eventually office!