UCSF Campus-Wide Nonstructural Typical Details

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To expedite permitting for smaller projects and encourage proper seismic restraint of nonstructural components, UCSF requested a suite of details for seismic restraint of equipment and other nonstructural components commonly used throughout all campuses. The details include laboratory equipment, furniture and architectural components such as refrigerators/freezers, cabinets, monitors, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, wall-mounted electrical panels, and metal stud partitions. Details have been pre-approved by the UCSF State Fire Marshal for use on UCSF projects. By applying the typical details on small projects, project managers reduce or eliminate the need for project-specific engineering, thus saving time and money.  Estructure periodically updates the Typical Details to address changes in code requirements and to add new components or restraint designs that are specifically requested by UCSF project managers.